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What is Stack Cut Geometry?

Stack Cut Geometry cuts through two or more pieces of steel in a single pass
Most Annular cutters come with Standard Geometry. These cutters are designed to cut through one piece of steel. They offer the fastest, cleanest hole while producing a slug slug that looks like a 'Top Hat'.

When the job requires drilling two or more pieces of steel, cutters with Stack-Cut geometry must be used. The cutting teeth cut from the inside out, producing a round cylinder slug allowing you to drill trhough mulitple pieces of steel at once. Using a standard geometry cutter to drill multiple pieces, you will have to stop and remove the slug before continuing on or risk breaking your tool. RotaLoc Plus™ cutters come standard with stack-cut geometry. Most other styles of Hougen cutters are available with stack cut.

Multi-plate hole cutting with an annular cutter

Standard Geometry Slug
Standard Geometry Slug

Stack Cut Geometry Slug
Stack-Cut Geometry Slug


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